Twitter During Labor

If you’re married to a technologically savvy man, this is one question you very well could hear.

“Could I twitter when you go into labor and nothing happens for awhile?”

This is the question Jason half-jokingly asked me last night. I thought it was rather considerate of him to ask me for permission. I think that’s okay, especially because I know he’s not the type to go overboard with that sort of stuff nor will he miss a moment because of it. Is that weird that I think it’s okay? Maybe it’s because I’m such a laid-back and understanding wife. Yes, that must be it!

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God has made me a deeply relational and compassionate being. This draws a strong desire in me to interact and connect with people in an authentic way. I also have a passion for relationships and desire to help people develop Christ-centered relationships. I am a follower of Jesus, wife, counselor, geek, athlete, food-lover, and a gamer/junkie. My hubby Jason is a student pastor/engineer/entrepreneur, my iron-sharpener and my best friend.

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