About Me

Welcome to my little blog.

I hope that, by sharing my life and expressing some of my thoughts, I’ll impart some random tidbits, laughter, and at last but not least, some wisdom and encouragement.

And a little about me.

I am a wife to a pastor/engineer/athlete/musician (a crazy mix, huh?), a new mom of a baby boy, daughter, sister, friend, and at last, but not least, a child of God.

I am a licensed professional counselor working at an adoption agency, working with families who desire to build their family through intercountry adoption. God has made me a deeply relational and compassionate being. This draws a strong desire in me to interact and connect with people in a deep and authentic way.

I have many hobbies and interests: music, movies, and sports to name a few. I can watch romantic comedies over and over again. I also enjoy playing video games with my hubby and various sorts of card and board games. I like gadgets, love foods, and I’ve developed a major sweet tooth ever since the pregnancy!

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